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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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5-mile-per-hour winds. but those dikick up in the dayso come. right now we'll talk traffic with jessica boyington we're starting off this morning on the vine street expressway through stercenter c. you can see the flashing lights up ahead. we're closed for construction this morning, westbound and eastbound in between broad street and the screwing l expressway. we're losing all lanes right now. also watch for a disabled vehicle in dublin. the water main break, we've been talking about this since last week. it's under control but we only have the left lane getting by on columbus boulevard. back to you guys. now to breaking news we're following for you this morning. two philadelphia firefighters are hurt battling a house fire. >> matt delucia is live in fishtown to tell us more.
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>> reporter: two firefighters injured. right here at the scene the fire is out. we're here in fishtown along frankford avenue. frankford after is closed at the moment. the house in question, it was a bedroom fire on the third floor of one of these units. two firefighters taken to the hospital with minor injuries. but a 55-year-old man inside the unit, he was taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest. we're understanding that cpr was in progress. we're trying to get updates on that man's condition. again this was in a third story bedroom. the fire is out. now the firefighters are making sewer this thing is completely out. the fire marshal beginning the investigation. for now, i'm live in fishtown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new this morning, a
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41-year-old man is in critical condition after he was stabbed during a fight inside of a philadelphia bar. police say it started just before 1:00 this morning inside the alibaba cafe. two others were hurt. all three of the injured went to the hospital. no wrd ord on what started the fight. is a missing woman buried somewhere in the house where she once used to live. police dogs picked up the scent of a body in the basement of a home. but after doing some digging, they came up clear. police haven't been able to get into the house until a bank foreclosure was finalized. the police chief told us he's disappointed that last night's search didn't lead to new clues. >> it's frustrating because she was there at some point. whether she was moved, i can't
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explain why four different search and rescue dogs aggressively alerted to the same exact spot in the basement. >> melissa and her husband were in the process of separating when she went missing. you can expect to see more police patrolling the philadelphia mills mall today. the mall is increasing security after a large crowd of teenagers tried to start a fight inside the building. this video shows police arresting one of three teenagers they took into just custody. 200 teens tried to get in the mall. officers turned most of them away. but about 30 of the teens still managed to get inside. the viewer cell phone video shows police chasing a teen through the food court. the mall was briefly on lockdown. >> i saw a bunch of people, a
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bunch of fighting starting, people arguing. it got out of hand. >> police say word about this all started on social media. officers were ready last night after a large group of teens tried to cause a similar disturbance at the same mall. the philadelphia inquirer reports that he wants more than $200,000 in unused vacation, sick and comp time. a spokesman says the amount is being calculated. he's already collecting an annual pension of $158,000. this morning we have a new look at cell phone video from a crash and a very close call in philadelphia we told you about as breaking news yesterday morning. the video was taken moments after a tractor trailer slam spood an sufficient and then into a gas station. the truck caught fire just a few feet from the gas pumps.
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diesel fuel was leaking everywhere. the firefighters arrived quickly and got the situation under control. this morning we're hearing from people who saw it happen. >> i thought it was going to explode. i thought the whole thing was going to go up. >> a high volume of people, pedestrians and vehicles in the area. it could have been worse than it was. >> medics took the driver of the truck and the suv to the hospital. both in stable condition. in morning we're hearing from the store clerk believed to be the last person to talk to a south jersey woman and her great granddaughter. they've been missing since the weekend. 71-year-old barbara briely rest her home with 5-year-old la'myra on christmas eve. police have been looking for them in three states. they were last heard from when they called family from a gas station. a clerk there said the clerk
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seemed to be lost. >> i spent 35 nunts in the store with her talking with her to make sure everything was okay before she left the store. >> now briely's draurths and niece are passing out flying trying to track her down. here's the number on bribriely' license plate. 4:36 right now. today the mummers will give fan as sneak peek at this year's parade in center city. the fancy brigades began final practices last night. you may remember that the mummer's parade came under fire
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fir two separate understaincide. organizers went through sensitivity training and are hoping for a smoother year. movie fans and hollywood are mourning another loss. we'll look ba back at the luf and carrie fisher. in new jersey 8-year-old got kicked out of the scouts after just a month.
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good morning. jessica boyington with a check on the roads. we're watching the vine street expressway through center city. we wer open for most of the week. but now this early wednesday morning we're closed in both directions around 24th street. the westbound side and the eastbound side closed between broad street and the schuylkill
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expressway. we have construction on the bridge in new jersey, the right lane is closed until 6:00 in the morning. and we'll end on 202. no major problems or delays right now. everything looks good. most of the speeds in the 60s. we'll have more updates in ten minutes when i come back. starting with a live look outside philadelphia. this is from the lowe's camera. what you can see is that the wind is picking up a bit out there. this is making it look a little stronger than it is. we're tracking winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. not as breezy as yesterday. and you can tell that the front has passed because temperatures are lower and the conditions have cleared out. yesterday we saw a lot of sunshine. it was mostly clear overnight. now the next layer of clouds are shifting in. this isn't going to be thick and
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rainy, instead it's going to be some in and out clouds throughout the day. a nice mix of sunshine as well as we go through today and especially more sunshine the father e south that you track. we're looking at a good day, dry day, a more seasonal day. temperatures have dropped from the 50s and 60s. 36 around 7:00 a.m. in philadelphia. we'll get to the low 40s in your early afternoon and around the mid-40s for the high temperature in philadelphia. and again scattered clouds mixing in with the sun. suburbs, a little more cloud cover, 38 degrees at 11:00 a.m. and right around there for the lehigh valley with partly to mostly cloudy conditions for the lehigh valley burke county area. 38 degrees at 7:00 a.m., starting to warm up to the low to mid-40s, same deal for new jersey and at the shore 43 degrees by 3:00 in the
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afternoon. here's a look at the precipitation chances. it's going to be rain for many of us but in areas like redding and the lehigh valley, thursday is the predominant day that we're looking at the potential. we'll see a rain/snow mix. we'll track that in just a few minutes. here's your weekend forecast, saturday and sunday looking dry both days with mid to upper 40s for high temperatures in philadelphia. 4:42 right now. a house at the jersey shore that's drawn curiosity seekers for decades has been sold for $4 million. for years, people stopped and peered in the back of the home. the back which faces the beach has a deck with roof and side walls. otherwise it's wide open. it's unclear what the new owners plan to do with the property. well the woman behind one of the most iconic and female movie
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characters every is dead. >> coming up next, a look back at the life of carrie fisher best known as princess leia. we'll tell you about her roots here in philadelphia. the search is. on for this robbery support who tried holding up this store in atlantic city. we'll tell you how the clerk turned the tables on him.
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this morning fans are mourning the loss of movie legend carrie fisher. >> she died yesterday four days after suffering a heart attack on a plan. last night we caught up with movie goers in our area and they told us the news of fisher's passing moved them to go see the latest star wars film saying her death makes her appearance on the screen even more memorable. >> i want to see this, i want to experience it. i think there was some emotion in the theater, especially in
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the scene she was in. >> i was really sad. she has been just so iconic for so long. >> in addition to being an actress, fisher was a successful book author and screen writer. he was the daughter of debbie reynoldss and eddy fisher. eddy fisher was born in south philadelphia. making his radio debut here in 1940. he died in 2010. fans and celebrities have taken to soeshlg media to share thoughts. mark hamill tweeted a picture of the two, no words, devastated. steve martin tweeted, carrie fisher was the most beautiful creature i had ever seen. you can learn more about carrie fisher's life and career aright now on the nbc 10 app. a woman in north jersey is
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angry because her transgender son was kicked out of the boy scouts. he's i'ded as a boy since he was two. he was born a girl. joe says he just doesn't understand why he can't join his friends and be a cub scout. >> i really don't know. it's just not fair. i don't know. >> he was very angry. he didn't understand why because he sees himself as a boy. >> the boy scouts of america lifted the ban on gay scouts and leaders in recent years but in a statement the organization says it considers transgender children as a separate issue. that statement also says cub scout programs are for those identified as boys on their birth certificates. police in atlantic city are looking for would be robbers who took off after a teenager turned the tables on them. >> it was caught on camera. you can see the crook set an
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open bag on the counter. now watch how the 17-year-old responds without hesitating, the teen reached out and snatched the robber's gun. >> put all of the money right here right now. that's when i snatched the gun from him, took it and aimed it at him. that's when he put it hands up, stop stop stop. >> the teenager told us he would do it all over again to protect what his parents have worked so hard for. let's get you to work on this wednesday morning. see how the vine street expressway looks. usually we watch construction at this hour. >> and usually i'm detoured around center city to get into work. >> we're still close thd morning. the detour is still in place. the vine street expressway, 24th street, you can see the activity right over here where there's flashing lights and it looks like we might have some of the ramps beginning to open. we're nearing the 5:00 hour.
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we typically see this clear within 5:00 to 5:10 or so. i would still suggest with some of the ramps bag closed, local vine as your alternate for the next ten minutes. out in fishtown, the earlier apartment fire tying things up. no major road closures but watch for diversions around the frankford avenue. northbound from 55 headed up towards philadelphia just a five minute trip, average speeds up there as well. i'll have more updates on new jersey construction and the vine street expressway when i come back. let's check in now with crystkrystal klei watching a co start to our wednesday morning. >> temperatures back to normal for sure. >> that's right. we're looking at temperatures that are where they should be. yesterday we were enjoying the fact we were walking in at mid 50s. now we're looking at hey lie
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vallu lehigh valley at 38 degrees. so allentown at 38, bethlehem sitting at 39 degrees as well. across the board temperatures in the upper 30s and that extends further south as well. we're looking at the philadelphia neighborhoods, upper 30s also, kensington at 39, graduate hospital 39, some low 40s, areas like parts of center city, society hill. but look at andorra and chestnut hill at 37 degrees as well. you might see the temperatures drop a couple more degrees over the next few hours then we'll see the climb. here's the look at you future temperatures. 37 right now in parts of philadelphia. this is your 4:00 a.m. work. but you just saw even up in allentown the model is a little too cool. we're in the upper 30s.
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we dip a little through 7:00 a.m. and then pick up in the 40s as we hit the afternoon. i think we'll make it to the mid-40s over much of parts of south jersey and delaware and philadelphia. those mid-40s though all we do. so not like yesterday where we actually broke records for areas like wilmington and allentown. not going to see that throughout the day. then going overnight, midnight we drop to freezing or below freezing in areas. but as we track through the morning a.m. hours, those temperatures start to rise. it's really important that we look and the 7:00, 8:00 a.m. hour that's when we'll see the precipitation move in. depending on the temperature it's a rain or rain snow mix. today we go from 4:30 in the morning through the entire day. all we're going to see are in-out clouds. we'll see a little more cloud coverage than the model is showing, especially the northern maf of the viewing area.
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thursday at 5:00 a.m., now we see the system off to the west. we'll see the snow stretch to the northern edges of our viewing area. i think this will be a rain/snow mix because of the temperatures at 6:30 in the morning. that's the upper suburbs areas. that moves out. as we track along 10:00 a.m., still some rain stretching from delaware to new jersey and 10:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon we start to see it move out entirely. drying out for thursday and friday. we'll get to the details of your weekend coming up. just a reminder to have the blue cross river rink on saturday night for two fireworks displays. nbc 10 will broadcast the fi fireworks live at 6:00. and then there's round two at midnight. one of the hottest toys this holiday season if not the
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hottest, hatch mals. >> hear why the talking electronic toys have some parents very concerned. honoring a camden county coaching legend. see how the man who daughter high school wrest mer hers 35 years will continue making an impact well after retirement.
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. good morning, everyone. good morning no the lehigh valley. this is 78 right around lee high street. you can see no problems or delays right now and it looks like the roads are dry, traffic is moving along just fine. pretty much what most of our majors look like. there's some construction in jersey and philadelphia. i'll highlight those spots when i come back in the 5:00 hour. imagine getting a chance to practice can staff from the philadelphia 76ers. that's exactly what these kids were going at the 6ers annual
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holiday hoops camp. the camp is for kids between 5 and 14. kids who participate get two ticket to a game, an invitation to a private prak tus and and autographed foe foe from a 76ers player. a special surprise at the children's hospital as philadelphia eagles players showed up to spend a fun filled day with the patients. they played bingo with the kids and handed out prizes. o organizers tell us the goal was to cheer up their patients during the holidays. a familiar face could be on the field for dallas. quarterback mark sanchez will be the backup for the cowboy's quarterback. could deshon jackson return to the eagles? he's a free agent after the season and the eagles could use someone like that. yesterday in comcast breakfast
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on broad, birds defensive end told us that jackson will be coming back. >> i talked to him, telli coach to come get me. he's like, i'll. be back. >> before the eagles take on the cowboys on new year's day, nbc 10 will have exclusive game day coverage, including a one on one with the quarterback. join us sunday morning at 9:30. and the eagles know their 2017 opponents. they'll play teams from the nfc west and afc west. that means the 49ers will visit the link. dates and times will be announced later. a high school in camden county is honoring one of its long time coaches. >> yesterday overbrook 0 high school in pine hills dedicated a brand-new wrestling room to the man who led the team for 35 years. it's known as the paul more
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reyell lo wrestling room. before having their ore space the wrestlers practiced in the cafeteria. he retired from the school in 2001 but he says the bond with his wrestlers remains. >> there's a special relationship that i think i have with each one of my wrestlers. i can tell you a story about each one. they could probably tell you a story about me. even though it goes into the hundre hundreds, there's just a special relationship between a wrestler and his coach. >> paul is still in the game. he's currently an assistant wrestling coach at hammington high school. here's more of the stories that we're following right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. delaware county crime scene investigators dug up the basement of a house hoping to
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find clues about a woman missing for years. this time of the year you need to be aware of what you put out with your trash. thieves are on high alert in the days after the holidays. and disappointment on broad street, the temple owls made it interesting but i wasn't enough to walk away winners in the military bowl. just about 5:00 a.m. this morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. we had a treat yesterday with the warm weather. it's going to change. let's get more with krystal klei. >> we saw areas tying and nearly braking the records. that's not going to be the case today. yesterday we were going, woo-hoo, 20 degrees warmer than the day before. we're walk to where we were. we are 11 degrees cooler than yesterday in allenton, 26
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degrees cooler in atlantic city. let's look at the numbers. some spots are cool, especially farther south. we're freezing at atlantic city, 36 wilmington and coatesville freezing at 32 degrees. we're seeing the temperatures trip. and it does mean that the afternoon we will not be tracking temperatures that peak in the 60s. it will be more like the 40s. some clouds moving in. we'll talk about your conditions hour by hour coming up. right now a look at tlask with jessica boyington urchlts you can s. >> you can see that the traffic is moving along. no slippery spots the morning. we're watching an earlier apartment fire in out in fishtown. no major road closures because of that on the intersection but you want to watch when traveling through the area for


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